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In today's world, style and empowerment go hand in hand. And at Scarves, Style and Glory, we pride ourselves in providing both to modern women everywhere. Our founding principle is,"You are GLORIOUS, because you are Female", and it is our joy to help you cause your inborn radiance and glory to shine!


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From fashionable infinity scarves to versatile chiffon scarves, our wide selection of chic fashion scarves is all about you! Whether you're looking for sophisticated silk scarves to accent your elegant look or shawls and wraps to fully express your bohemian spirit, our womens scarves will not only take your outfits to the next level but enhance your own unique style and glorious personality.


Want to enhance and more powerfully reflect the beautiful, unique, and radiant woman you are on the inside through your external appearance? For women looking for a sense of personal style that will truly allow them to shine, we also offer personal style coaching from certified style coach Pat LaCroix. Sign up in the sidebar to the right, and you can begin receiving weekly style tips from Pat absolutely free!


Whether you have never felt fully confident in your feminine identity or life circumstances have caused you to lose touch with your innate power and potential, our ultimate goal is to help you rediscover and manifest the glorious, empowered spirit you were born with.


Through womens empowerment coaching via phone, Skype, or in-person, we'll help you overcome blocks, reawaken your feminine strength and wisdom, and take hold of the greatness you were born to achieve. For full details, just click on the Coaching tab above to meet our certified lifestyle, relationship, financial, and female empowerment coaches and start changing your life immediately.


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Transform your life and unleash your inner glory with female empowerment coaching and style tips from Scarves, Style and Glory today!

We Give Back!

15% of the profits from your order and/or membership goes to charities assisting people in poverty.   We are founded on the principle that our purpose on earth is to make a difference, improve the world in which we have influence, and leave the planet a better place than we found it.  We will be happy to share where we donate with anyone requesting that information.



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"The world will be saved by the Western woman" - The Dalai Lama

"The future is female." -  Nadine (Nai'a) Newlight

"Dress poorly and they notice the clothes, dress well and they notice the woman" - Coco Chanel

"Scarves say so much more than fashion. Like a man's tie, they express who the person is and how she feels about herself." - Debra Taubenslag

"Women dress to match their self-esteem" - Gerri Diamond

"An empowered woman has both a bold attitude and a bold style." - Priscilla Wainwright

"A girl must be two things: Classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel

"Your style both affects and reflects how you feel about yourself" - Priscilla Wainwright

“You paint your face from the inside out.” – Anon

“Fashion is fleeting, Style is eternal.” – Priscilla Wainwright

“Style is – first and foremost – an inside job.” – Priscilla Wainwright

“You cannot ask for nor demand Respect and Honor. You must ATTRACT them.” – Priscilla Wainwright

“We get by with a little help from our friends.” – The Beatles

“Count your Blessings, not your Blunders, Bothers, nor Burdens.” – Priscilla Wainwright

“There are no Limits, only Hurdles.” – Priscilla Wainwright


 Our fans are saying:


“Pat did a beautiful job of ...effectively guiding us into a deeper and clearer definition of our style. She helped each of us become more intentional regarding determining and maintaining our style thru clothing and beauty regimens.” - P. W.

“Pris, your coaching was spot-on. You snapped me out of my fog instantly. Now my direction is clear and I’m making progress by leaps and bounds.” - Denise P.

“Ellin, thank you for all your support. You make me feel special and I haven’t felt this way for a long time. So THANK YOU!!!!!....I need you in my life.” - C.







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